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I’ve tried reading my camera manual and NONE of it makes sense to me! I’m worried that a Photography Workshop might just be too technical for me to get to grips with!
Eugh – camera manuals are the worst, aren’t they? They even make me want to nod off to sleep! Rest assured, a Photography Workshop with me will not even slightly resemble your manual. I use everyday language and simple visuals, coupled with hands-on practical instruction to help you learn in an enjoyable and down-to-earth way.

I’m not sure about learning as part of a group – what if I get left behind and don’t understand something that others do?
This is one of the main reasons why I limit my Workshop groups to 8 people – this way I can give 1:1 attention where needed and make sure that everyone is understanding it as we go along. I positively encourage questions and I find that quite often, when an individual asks a question, the answer benefits the whole group.

I don’t have one of those really big cameras with the interchangeable lenses – can I still do one of your Workshops?
Yes! You just need a camera that has the ability to be taken off automatic settings – although the ‘really big’ cameras (called DSLRs) do offer the most flexibility photography-wise, a lot of people do choose more a lightweight and portable option, like a bridge or compact system camera.

But I don’t know if my camera model can be taken off auto – help!
Don’t panic – just email your make & model of camera to: and let me do the techie bit of research to find out for you.

I would love to buy a place as a gift – can I do this?
Absolutely – and if you buy a Workshop place as a gift, you will receive a Gift Voucher which is printed with your own personal message, beautifully gift-wrapped and posted out to you with free P&P. Just let me know when you book, and I will get in touch to arrange this for you.

If I book onto a Workshop but then can’t make it, what will happen?
Workshop places are non-refundable – however with 6 weeks advance notice, I can transfer you to another Workshop date. If it is under 6 weeks until the Workshop date, then your place will be re-advertised and if it is filled, you will receive a voucher to attend another Workshop on a different date. You are also very welcome yourself to find friends who might like to attend in your place. Due to the nature of the Workshops and the small group sizes, your place cannot be transferred or refunded at short notice unless the slot is re-booked.  Thank you for your understanding.

Can I bring along my baby to the ‘Photography for Parents’ Workshop with me?
Although I do understand that it can be difficult to leave your baby for half a day when he/she is very young, the structure and content of this workshop means that you need to be able to give it your full concentration. We do learn a a lot within the time-frame, and therefore bringing along your baby, (who understandably needs attention!) would mean you wouldn’t fully benefit from attending. However, if you are a breastfeeding mum and need to feed your baby sometime within the workshop time-frame, then please do just let me know, so we can work out a time for your baby to be brought to the venue to be fed.

Is it just mums that come onto your ‘Photography for Parents’ Workshops?
No, not at all – I often have a mixture of mums and dads and it brings a great dynamic to a group.

I noticed your online booking is through Paypal, but I don’t have an account?
You don’t need a Paypal account to book through their payment system, you can just use your credit card. Alternatively, if you are a business or individual who would prefer to be invoiced directly, then just email me: and I will happily do this for you.

If you have any other burning questions, please do just get in touch and I’ll be happy to help.