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About Kerry

KerryHarrisonPhotographyTrainerMy obsession with photography started a scarily long time ago. Skip to over 20 years later, and I have accumulated too many cameras, a couple of kids (and long-suffering husband in a house full of girls) plus bags of experience in taking photos of children as a professional photographer. I absolutely LOVE passing on my knowledge when teaching people about creative photography.

Workshop attendees tell me that my enthusiasm is infectious and my passion shines through in my teaching. I didn’t bribe them either.

Here’s what I believe when it comes to learning photography:

1) A camera is a tool which you can learn to control. YOU make the picture, the camera just takes the picture.

2) There are tons of buttons, dials and settings on today’s camera models to help ‘sell’ them. They make most people’s eyes want to glaze over. Guess what? You don’t actually need to learn about what every single one does to be able to massively improve your photos.

3) Learning photography makes you look at the world around you differently. You notice how the light changes colour, how that field of daffodils would look amazing from a certain angle and how the reflections dance in your children’s eyes.

4) Good photographs can be very powerful indeed. They can persuade, evoke joy, shock, make us laugh, tell a story, document the world around us. They are the keeper of memories.

Whatever your reason for wanting to learn this creative skill, you won’t regret it. Photography is a journey and I’m here to help you set sail.